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WHO reports 5 new bird flu cases in China; total now 49
Outbreak Could Cost Scotland 26bn in Two Years
China Reports 3 Human Bird-Flu Cases
Hackers use bird flu emails to hijack computers
Bird flu reappears in China, Vietnam
Bird Flu Not a Danger for North American Bird Watchers
'Catastrophic threat' of bird flu
U.K. Government accused of being lax over quarantine...
Drug maker halts supply of Tamiflu pill
Croatia Confirms Outbreak Of Avian Flu

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U.S. State Dept. Avian Flu Fact Sheet
U.K. Government reveals new bird flu restrictions
Advice for MedicalPractitioners on Avian Influenza
Public Health Agency of Canada
Singapore Government Bird Flu Site
Public Health Agency of Canada
Avian flu back in B.C.
H5N1 avian flu viruses found in Manitoba
Wild ducks' flu virus no threat...
Findings surprise Canadian researchers
Bird flu fears take wing in Canada
Expert questions Canada's Tamiflu stockpiles
Australia is banning the import of all birds from...
Bird flu antibodies found in Canadian pigeons
Canada well prepared for bird flu
PM says threat demands global action

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